Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Friends Are For

Maroon: Mini Josie
Dark Purple: Mini Lissie

"Ah... What a nice nap!"

"Come on, Josie! Let's go get some yummies in our tummies!"


"I'll watch out for you, but be quick!"


"How's it going back there?"

"Uhm... I think we have a small complication..."

"How small?"

"Well, I've never seen this material before... I don't think I know how to break through it."

"Hm... On to the next super sweet victim!"

"Is this going better for you?"

"Uhm... Not so great."

"Want some help?"
"That would be great!"

"We did it!"

"Everything is easier with a friend by one's side! Can you see what's inside?"


"Do you by any chance know how to consume these blocks of sweetness?"
"Of course I do! Well, we don't have any tea to put them in... But who needs that anyways?"

"I had a lot of fun visiting you in San Diego!"

"It was a lot of fun having you visiting us in San Diego!"

"Hm... What's your favorite flower?"

"I love primroses a lot, they're pretty! But I like all flowers a lot!"

"I like roses... and those purple tall things over there!"


"What are we going to do now?"
"What do you think about... going on an adventure?!"

"That does sound pretty exciting!"

"Alright, just follow me! And watch out for the bears!"

"The bears?!"
"Yup! And the bees too! Remember, it's your turn to watch out now!"

"I do hope this goes well..."


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