Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Ship Anchors


Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange

You might remember how in our last post, we said that was our last adventure...
Well, we won't actually go on any more adventures, as a crew.
But that doesn't mean that we're going to stop being pirates! That's something Felicity has thought all of us - adventure is always there as long as you're up for it!
Oh, and have a sword with you!
And most importantly, some good mates!

Felicity doesn't know this, but we're writing this post as a thank you to her.
She has brought us along on so many daring and wonderful adventures, plus saved us from a couple of scary beasts!
We want to tell her that no matter where we are, who we're with or what we're doing, we'll always be pirates at heart. And a pirate never forgets their captain - and that's you, Felicity Merriman!

So here's a post recapping all of our fantastic adventures, to once again let us smile over those new favorite memories of ours...

The day I arrived, and for the first time in my life got to taste the Merriman specialty - fluffy puffy bread! It's yumier than it looks!

Then, after going on my first adventure with Felicity, having Swedish pancakes and watching "Little House On The Prairie".

The day when I and Kirsten arrived is something I'll always remember!
It was so cozy to cuddle up in our boxes and chat as the wind went crazy outside!

The  day when I arrived was... particularly odd. But who said odd can't mean loads of fun, too?!

And who can forget the day that we met St. Lucia and her friends?!

Going to Copenhagen was very cool!
But the coolest thing ever was sliding down this big octopus slide!

Visiting Hans Christian Andesen's grave was a bit scary, but still awesome!

I still miss my pigeon friend... But I know that he's going on new adventures, just like I'm about to do!

Cuddling up on the train was so nice after a long day of roaming the city. Don't you agree, Felicity?

And who can forget the day that we visited Ale's Stones?!
It was truly magical, sitting on the old stones and watching the lovely sunset.

Then ya'll could read more about my crazy tree climbing adventures with Felicity!
And how I befriended yet another ginormous beast cat!

 And who can forget the marvelous pink palace?
 I don't know about you guys, but I loved it!
I loved listening to the radio with Emily!
And dancing!
Yeah, I had never done tap before!
Though it was a little bit hard without any tap shoes... Or any shoes at all for that matter.
But still very fun!

 Lübeck is my new favorite city ever! Well, except from Ryd of course!
So beautiful!

I loved the bridge full of padlocks!

*sniff* What are ya doing on the beeply-doo machine, mates? I just wanted to tell you that... *sniff* I'll miss y'all so much!
Are you crying, Felicity?
No, there's salt water in my eyes!
Aren't tears salt water..?
Ok, I may be crying... slightly. Just remember mates, be brave!
We will!

Now the time has come for us to finish off this adventure and for the last time say...
Rebecca, Emily, Kirsten & Kirsten!
We will miss you, Felicity!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Second Day In Lübeck

Hallo an alle!
Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange

Our second day in Lübeck started out with a drive and then a tremendously long walk from the parking lot over to the water...
It would've been really cool to climb this tree! If the branches were just a bit lower...

Spooky, yet beautiful...

AHHH; A SHIP! I'm enjoying this trip already!

Then there was this bridge...
It was a long walk for someone as tiny as us!

There was this really big boat, which I really wish I could've taken over entered!
And some smaller boats, too!

Aweee, I just want to pet her little doggie!

This looks a bit scary, but once you walk a little further...
...it's far from scary!

Aow! Don't hit me, Kirsten...

Lübeck is so beautiful... I wish I could've stayed there forever! ... Or at least until I would have eaten up their whole marzipan supply!

And then, in the middle of town, there was this huge Ferris wheel!
We wish we could have gone on it, but sadly Kirsten is scared of heights and we didn't want to leave her alone down on the ground... She could have been ran over by one of those big cars!

By the Ferris wheel were some small little shops...
I was feeling really cold in my short armed dress and was kicking myself for not bringing along a sweater! I was very tempted to buy one. Sadly, they didn't have one in my size.

It looked a bit odd, with summer beach seats in the cold city in December!
It still looked very sweet, though!

Then, behind a large building, we saw this spaceship tower! What could it be..?
Getting closer... It looks really big!

It turned out be a grand beautiful church!
It was really hard to get a good photo off though, it was so big that it didn't seem to be standing up straight...
What if it was just an alien illusion?!

Pfft, looks like one of the penguins' ships!

More minions?! Oh, please, I can't stand this torture of miniolessness*!
*The hard emotion being experienced when in terrible need of a hug from a minion but when one does not have a minion to hug.
Walking back to our car, we had to make one last stop, to look at the view from this padlock- and fairy lights-dressed bridge.
We wished we had brought our own padlock.
We saw this clever idea, of instead writing on the bridge, but we didn't have a pen with us, either...
What we did have was a camera, and of course we couldn't leave without taking some selfies on the beautiful bridge!

I was glad I had my warm woolen skirt on - the cold wind made you shiver (and left my cheeks all pink!)

I really loved visiting Lübeck, it is a very beautiful city!

The cute little lights made the padlocks glimmer and twinkle, it was very pretty!

It was a tad bit windy!

These padlocks would be good for locking my enemies, the penguins, to this bridge - FOREVER!
Arrr, what do me eye spy?
One more bootilicious boat!
Sailing on the seven seas of marzipan...
In yet another marzipan store.

Another lovely ship!

These "people" on top of the roof almost looked to be as tiny as us, but they were probably giants up close!

The last thing we saw before walking back to the car was this boat, with a Swedish flag!
Back in the car we all sat down, got our seat belts on and just relaxed. It had been a busy but yet oh so amazing day!
When we were crossing over this bridge, Kirsten nudged my shoulder and told me to look out the window. 
I put my book down, and wow was it worth it! The view was so spectacular and the clouds looked so pretty up there in the sky, not to mention how cool the bridge looked!

A few hours later we finally made our way across the Øresund bridge, leading from Denmark to Sweden.
It was nice to know we were almost back home at Felicity's ship, but the sad feeling of having to say goodbye soon kept creeping up on us...
Cause this is actually our last adventure
... for now!

Good bye,
Kirsten, Rebecca, Emily, Kirsten & Felicity!