Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mini Rebecca Arrives!

This is Felicity typing, the properly sized one.
I'm sorry it's taken awhile to post this, you see the keyboard is very big and my arms won't stretch further than five keys, so it takes a while to type.
Anyhow, I thought I'd tell you about what happened in my very interesting life yesterday...

 I woke up very early this morning. Except from the shining full moon, it was still dark outside.
That was good, though, cause it means that the TV machine is free!
I went to the cabinet that contains various mugs and cups, to find something to put my breakfast in.
This is also a slightly hard task since the handle is put way too high for any normal person to reach!

Being the talented ninja that I am; I kicked the door open.

Then the search for the properly sized cup begins.
The gigantic cups are pretty heavy, but some exercise is always good if you want to be able to climb mountains, like I do!

There, finally, a cup that I won't drown in!

- How to close it again?
I don't know! Someone always seems to come around and do it anyway. Oh, being a pirate is hard, I tell you!

Watch out, cause here I come!

I sat down to watch some TV.

And then I saw it...

- A giant red box!

I put my food down on the couch and went over to take a closer look on the box...

Had Santa left an early gift?

I climbed across it...

And kicked it to see what sound it would make...


I opened it up...

... Letter?

It sure wasn't as exciting, but I opened it up first to be polite...

"Tilde"? It's for her?
Well, she wouldn't mind some help with opening her mail, would she?

I read the letter and put it away for Tilde to read.

Now for the most exciting part..!

Hmm... What could it be? It almost looks like a mummy!
- Aow!

What? Who was that?
- Move your feet!

Are you alright in there?

I pulled out the mummy, but it sure didn't look like one!

Hmph! What do you think you're doing?

I stood there speechless for a moment...

IT'S ALIVE!, I screamed.

Yes I am, most certainly. But who do you think you are?

Eh..., I managed.

That's your name?, she asked.

And where am I? This place looks awfully weird! Do they even have a theatre at this place?
Um, excuse me...

Oh, what?
I just thought I should excuse my un-politeness.

My name is Felicity, what's your name?

My name is Rebecca. Rebecca Rubin.

It's nice to meet you! Would you like some bread?

I am pretty hungry after being in a box for a week. So yes, that would be wonderful!

We sat down and I gave her a piece of bread.

Um... Are you sure it's eatable?
Yes - try it, it's very yummy!

Nom nom nom...

You're right - it's really good!

Photo time!

That's all for now, my fellow mates!
- Felicity


For Anyone wondering, here is a list of the dolls names and their colors:

Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red

When the text is written in their color, it means that that doll is talking.

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