Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rebecca's Adventurous Day

Hi, it's Rebecca here!
A while ago Felicity took me on an adventure. It was crazy!
We slept outside that night. It was pretty cold...

I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me.
So I opened my eyes and saw...

This ginormous beast!!!
I screamed the loudest I ever had!

So loud that I woke Felicity up.
"Hey! What was that for?!"

I looked to my left, only to see that the beast was gone.

There was a terribly big and evil beast right there, next to me!, I said.

I see nothing, Rubin!, she replied and looked out over the porch we had been sleeping on.

I swear - it was right there!

Wait, I think I might know who you're talking about!

Felicity, what are you doing?!
Looking for my enemies, Rubin.

Ah, I knew it.
Knew what?

I knew it was them! My enemies, Rubin. The penguins!

Don't they look frightening, Rubin? Some of the evilest sailors on the seven sees, I tell ya. But I'm not frightened; thus I am the captain of the most frightening ships of all!

They try to bring me down with their soul-eating eyes, and beaks that could pick holes in your heart - but they won't! It's a terribly ugly sight, though, we must leave them alone!

Get the life boats ready, Rubin!

What boats?

Oh, right, I forgot that you're new, Felicity said and jumped down in her box-bed-boat.

Just do like I do!

Felicity moved back and forth making the box-bed-boat move forward.

Watch out, Felicity!

Ah, don't you worry kid, I'll be fine!

She pushed the box-bed-boat over the edge and fell down.

She landed on another shelve and said:
Come on, mate, just do it like I did!

But, but..! I said.
Felicity just waved her hand and said "come on, mate!".
 So I swallowed and let my box-bed-boat tip over the edge.

I fell down, feeling like a plane with motors that had stopped. 

luckily I made it safely down.

But then Felicity decided it was time for some more air diving...

She fell quickly...

But then she crashed into something...
 It was a beast! Another one!
Felicity just calmly shook it's... nose? and introduced herself. She also told the beast how sorry she was about hitting it.

She must have seen my pale face, cause she told me "It's not frightful at all, Rubin! Come down here and say hello!"

So I made my way down there, and said hello to the beast.
When I took a closer look on it I realized it looked a lot like my kittens at home.
Just like my kittens, it was very furry and soft. It tickled when it told me a secret. What the secret was? I can't say.
But something I can tell you is that it's name is Jupiter, and she's very nice to be a beast.
So were her friends, who I got to meet...
They kept smelling my hair! I wonder if it's my shampoo?

Where did you go?

Oh, there you are!

 After cuddling with the catlike beasts, we decided to continue our adventure inside, quoted by Felicity; "thus it was such a cold that my feet kept shaking, and I'm not quite that good at dancing, so we would be better off inside where my enemies couldn't see me and post them evil moving pictures on piratestagram!"

When we got inside we had some very delicious Swedish pancakes.

And watched "Little House on the Prairie".

Who doesn't love pancakes?!


Later that day I and Felicity went on a jungle exploration, which I'll post more about later!

Have a great day/night! I'm going to bed now (inside this time!).
- "Rubin"


For Anyone wondering, here is a list of the dolls names and their colors:

Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red

When the text is written in their color, it means that that doll is talking.

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