Sunday, November 3, 2013

E-E-Emily Arrives

Hi, it's Felicity!
Today I sat down and chatted with Rubin.
We talked about Kirsten and Kirsten. They were still in their beds, talking to each other about life in the 1850s.

Speaking of that... Why didn't you open the third package?

There was a third package?!

Yes, it's probably still there...
I didn't listen to whatever Rubin said after that, I just ran off to look for the package.

I found it and quickly opened it up.

I tried to pull whatever was in there, out.

It's stuck! Help me, Rubin!

Rubin casually pulled out the plastic bag that was inside.

She smirked at me,

and I stuck my tongue back at her.
A pirate can't always have manners!

We pulled out the plastic bag and I attempted to open it.

Rubin saw some clothes through the plastic, and immediately fell in love.

Just a moment later and this girl was out of the plastic bag.
She stood with the tips of her feet pointed against each other, and her hands behind her back - she looked pretty nervous.

Rubin was once again gone.


"Uhum... hi." She whispered.

And in came Rubin...
Hey! What's your name?

Eh... E-E-Emily.

Nice to meet you! I'm Rebecca. Rebecca Rubin. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your outfit.

"I-it's ok. You look good in it." She said, smiling slightly.
Great! And I know, right? It's fabulous!
Emily giggled.

Don't worry about her, she's been on land for too long!

I'm Felicity, by the way. What did you say your name was?
Emily B-Bennett.
It's nice to meet you! You will fit right in here at the ship!

Emily smiled at me, but I heard something coming from the kitchen...

"Wait, be quiet please.", I said.

What sort of stove is this?
I don't know... Ah, Kirsten, I don't think that's a very good idea..!
Are you sure? I haven't had soup in days, I'm starving! We just need some milk...
Isn't that a little too heavy?
No, I've carried tons of heavy stuff - this is no biggie!

Then I heard a big crash.

I think I have to go check what they're doing..!
Not my milk! I needed that... I was going to ask for more pancakes!

Emily looked over at me, with a face looking like she hadn't understood what I had just said.
I didn't care to explain, but thought that it was a good chance to defend my pride.
You should worry about them - they're pretty good at making a mess!

Hihi... Are, are those pancakes-things good?
They're awesome! In fact, they're the best ever! We really need to try to make some!


Have a good day,
- Felicity and Rebecca!


Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange