Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Mini Dolls Head To Copenhagen (Part 1)

This is the guineapigs talking!
No, if we're going to be animals now - we should be kitties!
Oh, I really do like kittens!
I think goats are pretty cute!
*sigh* Hey, mates! If you continue like that we're never going to finish the post!
Ok, so, where were we?

Back in October we went with train over to Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. Felicity does not like trains.
Ough, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! This stupid train ride is making me sick! Just to travel with a train! That's like betraying your boat - and for a captain, that's like betraying your own partner!

Calm down, Felicity. We're not even in a train yet - it's just a projector on the wall!
Well, it reminds me of my evil enemies, the orangutans', fort! And by the way, my name's Merriman - Captain Merriman.
All the other girls sighed and rolled their eyes.

When the darn turtle is this so-called-"train" supposed to arrive?
Just wait a few more minutes, geesh...

I still don't like this.

First of we went to this big park with things from all over the world!
This part of the park had a black theme.

Kirsten and I found this really cool chair!
We had to watch out to not get our dresses wet, though!

And man, it was windy up there!



Don't look down!

Wow, that's a really pretty view!

Yeah, pretty...

Next we went on this big "Octopus" slide!

Ok mates, let's continue!

Ahhh... It might be October 30th, but the weather's very nice! Well except from that wind...

That means the water should be pretty warm too, right?

I'll check...
It's freezing!

We better just stay here...
It's pretty nice in fact!

Then we went on this big hill!

Looking some in the green park...
Doesn't this wall look very pretty?
Well, I thought it was a wall, until Tilde lifted me up...
Wow! Really makes me feel small!

Hi little birdies!

And the red park...
A british litter bin!


Look out for part two, which we will post soon!

Kirsten, Emily, Rebecca, Kirsten and Felicity!

Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange