Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Mini Dolls Head To Copenhagen (Part 2)

Hi, everyone!

Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange

So after we saw that really cool park, we walked across the street and saw...

... this really pretty piece of art!
The heart was so pretty, I wish I could've taken it home with me!

Then we continued to stroll the streets of Copenhagen...
Until we saw this ginormous church!

We stopped immediately to get a picture of it.
I took this one! With Tilde's help...
She held me up high, high in the air!

This is my picture, of the pretty sky!

It was all very pretty! And full of big people - almost as big as the church!
This is my photo, by the way.

Doesn't this house look really nice? I wish I could live there! Kirsten says she wants to live in the house  that's connected to it (the red and yellow one).
I had to be really quick when I took this photo - bikers were everywhere and they almost ran in to me!

Felicity Captain Merriman says this is nicer, it reminds her of the harbor.
Ahh, the fresh breeze from the sea waves!

When we entered this really big graveyard, there were some really pretty tall golden trees!
We were looking for Hans Christian Andersen's, a famous danish children author, grave.
Pretty golden leaves!
More bikers!
They're trying to kill us!


I could see myself sitting there, surrounded by the trees, reading one of my favorite novels.
I really like the book Pippi Longstocking!
I think my books are the best!

Kirsten wanted to pick these berries, but Felicity stopped her with her arm sword. She said they might be dunkelbunnyberries, which are not poisonous, but still shall never be eaten, thus they come from the land of dunkelbunnies, which is a very frightful land of pestful dunkelbunnies.
I really think Felicity needs to learn how to put dots.

Pretty flowers!
You know what would make them even more pretty? If they were put on a hat and worn by moi!

Then Kirsten found something...
"Hey. Rebecca, come look at this!"
I walked over to find her standing by a big cone...
"Do you think this is H.C. Andersen's grave? I mean it's real big, and it looks pretty artistic!" She said, sounding utterly idiotic.

"Oh Kirsten, oh Kirsten..." I said and face palmed myself.

What a beautiful graveyard!
Almost as beautiful as-

Can you believe this...
This guy was born the same year as I turned ten. AND HE DIED?
Really makes you feel old!

Then Emily and I found these beautiful flowers!

It was the most beautiful graveyard I had ever seen!

I found this pretty feather, but we couldn't take it home cause we didn't want to get some kind of decease.
First I was about to tell Felicity that all her weird tales about weird people wouldn't stop me from taking home the feather, but Emily told me that it might really be dangerous so I decided not to take it home.

You could see the church tower through the trees!


Hans Christian Andersen's grave.

Time for tourist photos!

Can I do my own pose?

Ok, hold the photo machine like this...


Emily found a second sign, that said H.C. Andersen could be found in the bushes!
Do you think they could've meant his ghost?
Well, we were all curious, maybe Emily was not as curious but she still decided to come along since she didn't want to be left alone wanted to be brave and face her fears!

Look out for part 3 to see what happens!

And an extra shot of us in our traveling ship...
Air, air! And some pretty shoes, please!

In the end, Felicity did decide that she liked Copenhagen.
It's close by the sea, has giant octopuses that let her ride on them, not to mention yummy food like crêpes with banana and Nutella, fish n' chips, pølse (a red sausage) and smørrebrød ( Felicity found this site  and is currently drooling down the whole place).

See ya later!

Kirsten, Kirsten, Emily, Rebecca and Felicity!

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