Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rebecca's Adventurous Day (Part 2)

Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red

this is Rebecca.
I'm here to present the post that you have all been waiting so patiently for.
It's time for...

So as you might remember, the first part ended with that I and Felicity had some marvelously tasty pancakes and watched "The Little House On The Prairie".
Well, as soon as the show finished Felicity had eaten all the pancakes. Of course I had eaten some too (they were fantastic!) but I could never manage to eat THREE WHOLE PANCAKES IN TWENTY MINUTES.
So I expected Felicity to be quite full and lazy, BUT...
As I was about to lay down and just relax some more, she jumped out of her box-bed-boat and said to me;
"Let's go on an adventure!"

 "Wait, what?"

"Alright, mate! Just wait a moment and I'll get into my pirate suit!"

Felicity disappeared and I thought all was calm, until I heard a voice coming from the kitchen...
"Are you coming or not?"
I got up and made my way in to the kitchen, where I saw...

"Yes, mate?"
"What are you doing up there?"

"Just checking the view out. Why you not join me?"

"Um... Sure. But how am I supposed to get up there?"

"By climbing, of course!"

"Ok... I'll give it a try..."
"Weehoo, I'm awesome at this!"

"Now get up here, mate. You need to see this!"

"I'm on my way!"
While I continued climbing Felicity kept on pointing out what an amazing view it was and all the cool stuff she could see from the treetop. She also mentioned how this would be a great way of spying on her enemies - the penguins.
"Ok, I'm here."

"Alrighty, now take a look on the view!"

I looked around me and told Felicity;
"You're right, it's actually pretty cool!"

But Felicity didn't really seem to be listening, instead she was looking north now.

So I decided to also check out the views more closely.
But then I saw this creature...

Felicity turned around and asked; "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm definitely sure. It's looks terrifying!"

"Ahh, look! Now it's smelling the trunk of the tree!"
I got so scared that I jumped and my feet lost their grip!
"AHH, I'm falling, Felicity! Help me!"

"Ok, wait, just stand still!"

"Ah, but it's looking at me, Felicity! What if it wants to eat me?!"

"Alright, Rubin, please don't rock the tree so much."
"But Felicity, it's going to eat me!"
"Just don't. It's going to wreck the-"
".. tree."

"AH, I'm going to fall! I don't want to fall down to the horrendous beast!"

"If you don't calm down it will jump up and bite you! Or I might..."
Within a second of hearing that I became as quiet as a mouse, or possibly, even quieter.

"So, what do you wish for?"

"Right now all I can really think of is getting that beast away from here!"

"Rubs, sometimes you just can't prioritize."

"Uhm... Then I'd love a milkshake!"

"What flavor?"

"Well, I adore cho- FELICITY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Felicity jumped down from the tree and greeted the beast.
She petted it and told me to get down.

"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, it's nowhere near dangerous!"

I got down and Felicity told me to close my eyes.
"Now open them."

I opened my eyes to see the beast sniffing my hand.
"Wait a second... Don't say that this is another big cat..?"

Felicity chuckled and so did I - I sounded like a real pirate!

I'll just need to get some better grades in biology and I'll be a great pirate!

Farewell for this time,
Rebecca Rubin!

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