Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Pink Palace


Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange

Here is a post Kirsten and Kirsten wrote on the 10th of November...

Today we woke up and it was still very, very dark...
Very dark.
Kirsten found this weird hanging thing and I told her to pull it... She did, and fell backwards, crashing right into us. Rebecca made a scene but the picture is way too dark so you can't see anything.

Anyhow, Kirsten had made a hole in the wall and there was light shining in.
Emily paniked and asked what would happen if we had broken whatever-it-was-that-we-were-inside?
Kirsten told her that Felicity would have probably have told her that "whatever will happen, we have to go out there and meet it!". "She probably would have jumped right out there!", Kirsten added.

Not long after you could see how Emily pulled the weird hanging-thing and made the opening bigger. 
"Wow, Emily," Kirsten said. "You're facing your fears!"
Emily just nodded and smiled. Then, before you knew it, she too made her way through the opening.

Kirsten offered to hold the opening apart for me and Rebecca, so that we could crawl through, but we instead told her to go first and held the walls apart.
After Kirsten's last toe has dissapeared into the light, I and Rebecca quickly jumped up and crawled through the opening. We both started running as we saw that the others were standing on some weird kind of windowsill. We were even until we reached this big silver colored thing that was really hard and cold. You had to climb it and and I quickly made my way up putting one feet in the deepest crack I could find, and one in the next.
Rebecca, though, complained about how there was nothing to hold on to, and went looking for a ladder.

When I made my way up to the top Kirsten was already up there looking out over the big room before us.
"What a beautiful view!" I heard Rebecca say - she had caught up with me already!

"Yes, very beautiful!" Kirsten agreed.

"I can see all the way to America from here!" I said.
Emily carefully climbed the last part and joined in on our view-admiring.

"A house!" She exclaimed after quickly scanning her surroundings.

We quickly made our way over there. It sounds a little mean but we did not have the time to wait on Kirsten who needed to retie her hair-bows.

I and Rebecca were not sure how to get in there, and I saw a balcony just above us.
I climbed up and hung on to a pole, trying to make my way onto the balcony.

Of course Rebecca has to be even better than I, so she climbed on top of the roof and looked out over the edge. This time she didn't need a ladder!
Then Kirsten came running, but suddenly froze as she saw us.
"What in the world are you doing?" She asked.
I didn't really know what to reply, I don't think Rebecca did either.

Emily sighed at us and casually walked up the stairs to the door. She rang the bell waiting for someone to come and open it.

When no one turned up she peeked through the window and saw nothing - it was just as dark as it had been in the big cloth box we had been stuck in.

"What do you see?" Rebecca inquisitively asked.

"Nothing," Emily replied. "It's as dark as the fur of a black cat!"
"But isn't that usually kind of brownish?" Rebecca said.
"Well," Emily said. "It's dark. Darker than brown. Just normal black dark."

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but" Kirsten said. "Have you tried the handle? It might not be locked."

"You really think so?" Rebecca said in a mocking voice. "Who would leave a door unlocked like that?"

Emily anyhow decided it was worth a try and pushed the handle down.
"It worked! It's open!"


"Come on!"

AHH; look Rebecca, it's so big!
Aren't you going to close the door after you?

 Oh, that wallpaper looks very fancy!
And I like that room up there... The view must be amazing!
Let's check it out!

Wa-wait a minute... You can't just run in to another person's home like that!
Auhh... But we're just going to check out the view!
And the wallpaper!
First we have to ask the people who live here!
But there's no one here!
Eh... Well, you have to promise not to mess stuff up. Someone could actually turn up.
Ah, please Kirsten, I don't see any things either!
Oh, ok... Go on! I guess...


*sigh* What are we going to do with them, Kirsten?

I and Rebecca hurried up the stairs...
Look, Kirsten, a closed door!
What about it?
All other doors were open... What if there's something hiding behind it? Like a treasure!
Now you remind me of Felicity!
Rebecca tried the door, but it was locked.

Meanwhile Kirsten had went up to attic and had made an odd discovery!

Wow, that's a lot of stuff!

"Guys, come look at what I found!", Kirsten yelled.

We all ran up there to see what Kirsten had found...
"That's a lot of stuff!", Rebecca exclaimed.

Wait, I have an idea! OK, everybody, grab as much stuff as you can!
We're not going to steal, are we..?
Because we're running out of time! GO, GO, GO!

We all grabbed as many things as we possibly could.
Emily, take those things down to the right room on the second floor!
Allrighty, captain!
And you, Kirsten, take care of that bed! You too, Kirsty!

Kirsten, have you showed "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to Rebecca?

What is that?
Some crazy show I and Kirsten saw on the television a few days ago!

They crash down houses..!
Do you think that's what we're going to do?!
Haha, hopefully not!

Though, the TV-host is a little crazy!
Hehe, a bit like Felicity..?
And Rebecca!

"Hahaha!" We all laughed out loud.

Hey, get working over there - we're in a hurry!

Sounds like we better hurry up!

What are you looking at, Emily?

A radio! It looks just like the one we have at home!

"What's a radio?", I asked and looked around to see if Rebecca was gone, so that I could also take a little break.

It's almost like a television, just that there's no screen. Instead, the pictures are in your head!
Yeah, when you hear what they say you imagine what it looks like in your mind!
Wow! Do you think it works?

I think so, I'm going to try to turn it on...

Emily moved her finger over the buttons without touching them, looking for the on-off-button. Then she suddenly stopped and pushed down her finger. With a click the radio turned on.
What do you want to hear?

Uhm... Some violin, maybe?

"Classical it is..!", Emily said and turned the long little button around, to change stations.
Oooh, I really like this tune!
Hey Emily, let's dance some!
 Hihi, ok!

After some dancing Emily and I continued moving out furniture, and then setting it all up.
The result turned out quite nice, Emily took some photos:
Emily took so many photos of our furnishing job that she filled up the camera's whole memory card!
So I'm sorry to say that there are no more photos.

But once we were all done, Rebecca went to the bathroom and the rest of us sat down around the green and pink table to rest some.
That was, when we heard a super loud...
"What was that?" Emily said worriedly.
"I'm sure it was just Kirsten's tummy!"
"Yeah, probably..." Emily managed a little nervous laugh.
"Or the tummy of a hungry evil MONSTER!" Kirsten said, bending over and roaring.
"Haha, you do look just like a monster!"
"Huh, I wasn't talking about myself."
"I'm sure there's nothing to worry about Emily."
Right then the door on the opposite wall opened with a squeak.
We all jumped up in the air, and Kirsten, the monster, made a much lighter roar sounding more like a mouse.
A man wearing a striped nightgown stepped out of the door. He reminded Kirsten of a beaver.
"Good morning!" He said after clearing his throat. "Are you Mr. Olofsson's staff?"
"Mr. who?"
"Eh- yes, we are! We most certainly are! Mr. O... Olofsson is sick today so his daughter is here doing... doing... yeah you know! We were just taking a little break."
"Wo-would you like some coffee?"
"Uhum..." The beaver-like man thought for a while and we waited nervously for his answer. "Yes, coffe would be very nice. Thank you!"
"Just wait a minute and I'll get some ready for you!" Emily said and walked towards the room opposite of that man's room.
"Wait, where are you going?" The man said. "The kitchen should be on the first floor!"
"Oh, we changed it up some." I said. "Or well, Ms. Olofsson did. It's a decoration art. Sort of like feng shui! It calms your... toes. Yes."
"Oh, I see..." The man said and sat down next to me to discuss the furnishing art some more.

Rebecca eventually came back from the bathroom and was a bit confused to find us talking to a beaver. However, she was very quick to join the conversation, and told the man about how she had directed us to put the furniture in the different rooms and that would be more than pleased to get to furnish the man's new coffee shop that was opening up soon. She was just about to doodle together a card with her name and address when we said we had to leave. We said goodbye to the man and then got back in  which in better light turned out to be a suitcase. Just in time to go back home again!

I had lots of fun writing this post with Kirsten!
Kirsten & Kirsten <3

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