Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Visit Lübeck!

Hi, everyone!
Felicity: Green
Rebecca: Red
Kirsten: Blue
Kirsten LE (Limited Edition): Yellow
Emily: Orange

In November we visited this city...
It looks rather spooky, but trust me, it's just cause it's dark outside!
If you ignore the spookyness, it's really pretty!
Here's a clue...
Can't guess?
We went to...
They had a cool, but very crowded, Christmas market going on that we decided to visit!
Kirsten felt hungry and was thinking about getting something from the menu, but since we couldn't understand what it said, she decided it'd be safer not to...
Lots of friends!
Felicity tried to hire them as her crew, but the store keeper said she'd have to give her money then.

We wished we could have moved in!
But Emily said we couldn't have, cause Felicity would have scared away all the customers!
One might take this as an insult, but not Felicity, she felt proud.

Even more friends!
In the middle of the city was a giant spinning tower!
I really wanted to pet his bird.


They had really cool lights in the city!

Even on the bridge!

We had so much fun!
And we hope you did too, reading this!

Kirsten, Emily, Kirsten, Rebecca and Felicity!

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