Monday, October 27, 2014

Mini Josie And Mary Poppins' AG Bag

It's Josie.

After helping out with the boxes, I found this gigantic paper bag that seemed just made for me and my doll companions...
Even if you might think so, this didn't mean that Sweden has an AG store...
I even checked inside to see if I would find any AG goodies - you know, to make sure the store wasn't hiding somewhere in there.
But, nope, it was just an empty grocery bag! Pretty sad. At least there could've been some yummy food in there...
I'm lucky I made my way out alive, though, cause that thing was huge! I almost thought it was Mary Poppins' bag in disguise!

I got out of the paper bag and looked out the window - wow, was it hot!
But I couldn't stay inside forever, I had to go out to...
You'll see that soon!

- Love, the every so sneaky

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