Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mini Josie's Colorful Afternoon

Es mini Josie!
(Hi! It's mini Josie!)

After I helped the big people with moving all their big big boxes, we went and shopped for groceries.

First I decided to stay in the car and wait...
But the sun had gotten the car very hot and it was miserable in there without those wind-blowing machines!
So I decided to come along.
But I said I wasn't hungry for anything but doughnuts, which I did not find any, so I didn't get anything.

When we got back in the car I looked out the window - it was so colorful! Like the wonderful woven fabrics we make at home! I was really enjoying my colorful car ride!

And it felt much better now with the cooling wind blowing on my back!

We drove for what seemed like forever..!

At least the view was pretty!

No, sun, go away!

Later we went to a street market with hats, bracelets and all sort of things!
I thought for sure I got a photo of it, but apparently not! Photo found!
I'm sorry for blocking the view!
I didn't get anything to wear...
But I did get one thing from there. At last...
I found a doughnut!

It was almost as big as me! (I had already had a bite... or a few)
Oh, you're wondering what the thingies next to the doughnut are? My cutlery! I had promised Samantha not to get my camisa dirty - she says I'm such a troublemaker and that my fondness of chocolate doesn't help! Well, so I decided to take her advice and try to eat ladylike.

The doughnut was also very colorful!


I'll write more soon!

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  1. The scenery is so beautiful! And the donut looks delicious too! :D